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Padalecki Ass appreciation post + [DANCE] 



if you said you’ve never wanted to touch jared padalecki’s butt you sir are a biG FAT LIAR 


Jared Padalecki.

anonymously send me symbols to tell me what you're too afraid to say
♔: Look at that booty.
☀: Show me the booty.
☁: Gimme the booty.
☂: I want the booty.
☃: Back up tha booty.
♡: I need tha booty.
❤: I like the booty.
✘: Oh, what a booty.
✔: Shakin’ that booty.
∞: I saw tha booty.
♪: I want the booty.
♬: Lord, what a booty.
✄ : Bring on tha booty.
✉: Give up tha booty.
유: Lovin’ tha booty.
웃: Round booty.
☮: Down for tha booty.
✈: I want tha booty.
♋: Huntin’ tha booty.
☯: Chasin’ tha booty.
✌: Casing tha booty.
☢: Gettin’ tha booty.
☣: Beautiful booty.
®: Smokin’ booty.
©: Talk to tha booty.
™: More booty.


Possibly one of the best things I’ve ever put together.

A Jeremy Renner’s butt appreciation post.